Born in 1986, I always kept my eyes on arts and human expression in all its forms. I attended a High School Science Education, where I focused myself on philosophy, psychology and humanistic social sciences. With a deep passion for the design industry, I learned the bases of this, studying at Ied Moda Lab Milan and moving in the city of Florence.

Traveling among Milan, Berlin, London and Paris, Deborah Modiano managed editorials projects for fashion publications, cooperating with photographers from all over the world.
In 2015 started to work as graphic designer in Milan, focusing herself on fashion illustration and considering the digital work a real alchemical process.

On 14th October she exposed one of her digital paintings, called 'Medusa' at Galleria LaPigna Rome and in Paris at Carrousel de Louvre with Art.Com from 21th to 23th October.

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